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OSP Installation Works

Our wireline team specializes majorly in optic Fibre/copper cable installation from the street to the front door with all preparation work using the latest technology, training and safety regulations to ensuring the installation is completed on time and budget, with excellent service and delivery Our optic Fibre/copper installation services include identifying the multi-premise site and the building owner or manager, surveying and designing the cabling route, generation of design drawings and indicative BOQ which facilitate critical planning and preparation before commencement of any project, managing the approval and cabling, terminations and testing, commissioning services and gaining final signoff.

  • Optical Fiber
  • Cell Sites
  • Copper Networks
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Wireless technology Solutions

We supply, design, install and maintain wireless TECHNOLOGY Solutions serving cellular operators and other organizations. We work directly with network operators, suppliers and contractors alike to provide innovative and cost-effective seamless coverage solutions for leading edge technologies such as 2G, 3G, WiMAX and LTE. We also supply and install other point to point wireless connectivity equipment such as radwin radio and RTN radio.

  • Point to Point Links
  • Fiber Switching Solutions
  • WI-FI Solutions
  • Point to Multi Point Links
  • 2way Radio Communication

Telecommunications Infrastructure Maintenance

Electronic Network Services subscribes to the ideology that timely and adequate maintenance is the benchmark of telecommunications stability and growth. We have designed a steadfast maintenance regime in which maintenance support calls are received, processed and timely instructions relayed to enable swift dispatch of personnel to carry out maintenance.


We are well prepared in terms of logistical support & resources mobilization to handle emerging maintenance requirements as and when they arise. The maintenance function duties may take a general form or different forms listed hereunder:

  • Maintenance of telephone infrastructures
  • Maintenance of transmission and microwaves installations
  • Maintenance of fixed, ADSL telecom networks.
  • Maintenance of copper networks - damaged cable replacement, upgrading old with new higher capacity & efficient cables.
  • Maintenance of the various available technology radio equipment such as GMS, DCS, CDMA, WCDMA, UMTS, LTE etc.
  • Servicing of the wiring namely; optical fiber, structural, vertical & horizontal distribution, TV/SAT, CCTV etc.
  • Maintenance of different installations, civil works, cell towers, equipment room wiring, circuit boards etc.

Site Acquisition

We work hand in hand with local authorities, the land board, real estate agents, landlords, and lawyers to help operators secure land for positioning BTS stations in strategically planned settlements where they can generate substantial traffic. We also liaise with utility service providers on behalf of the operator to sources electricity and water for those locations. Our teams have got the much needed experience and reach to help the operator’s process legal documents for those properties.

  • Site Surveys
  • Permits Handling [Including Council and Land Board Approvals]
  • Civil Aviation Authority Approvals
  • Cable Trenching and Utilities Access way(s)
  • Landlord Negotiations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Ongoing Management of Lease Agreements
Site acquisition